Masters of Magic

Masters of Magic is a brand new stage show featuring a cast of top magicians from all over the country! Audiences will witness grand illusion, comedy magic, exotic birds, mind reading, and more! This high energy show is packed full of audience participation, and is sure to astonish and entertain audiences of all ages.

Experience the impossible with the grand illusion of cutting-edge magician Reza. He will appear from thin air, walk through a solid metal plate, and even make a prediction on videotape about people he will meet the night of the show. Dan Sperry performs his unique magic, using exotic birds and a twist of the bizarre. Leland Faulkner is a master of shadows, and is able to create a thousand characters using only an old hat brim! Krystyn Lambert, the teen magician sensation, is the lady of the rings. Mike Bliss and the Incredible Bliss Brothers demonstrate their world-class juggling skills and then show the audience the telepathy really is possible! (Performers subject to change)

Produced by Jack Stephens
Jack Stephens Entertainment, LLC